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Deanna ChaseĀ is a California native that is transplanted to South East Louisiana. She is a free spirit, loves travel, adventure, off the wall things and people. Plans to live in Europe, South America, and on a tropical Island at some point.

In 2000 Deanna had taken some instruction from her husband Greg, who is a fantastic marble artist, but having her spouse also be her teacher did not work for her. In Sept of 2003 they were invited to spend some time with Anne Scherm Baldwin in Virginia Beach, who is a lampworking teacher. Anne and Greg gave Deanna some personal instructions and that was the beginning of her lampworking career. Deanna torched on and off between campground gigs while her and Greg traveled the country in their RV. January of 2005 she started torching full time and that is when Deanna and Greg decided they were going to make a living with just their art. Deanna has learned to make marbles as well but the beads are her love and primary business. Deanna works with Greg learning from his work and complimenting each other on ideas and techniques.

For 4 and half years she pulled her inspiration from her travels across America with a studio that she shared with Greg on the dash of their RV. When they started RVing one of the goals was to find a place both wanted to settle down. New Orleans kept pulling them back so after four years they knew it was time to call it home.

Deanna likes writing and her blog got her started doing that again. She has a secret desire to be an author. Though if anyone has been reading her blog, they probably know that already with about 30,000 words into a fiction novel she is on her way.

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