Jon’s Gallery

Jon Greene writes, Cozy Baker, world renowned kaleidoscope expert, refers to the Chesniks in her book, Kaleidoscope Artistry, as among the first artists to popularize the wheeled kaleidoscope. In the world of kaleidoscope collectors, Chesnik Scopes are considered among the finest scope makers.
Janice and Ray Chesnik started Chesnik Scopes in 1980 and before long, they became known for their classic styles and top-quality scopes. Along with Janice’s son, Jon Greene, who joined the business in 1990, they produced a full line of brass and chrome scopes using front-surface mirrors and a variety of beautiful materials in their handmade wheels. In addition, each scope features a magnifying lens for the clearest optics.
In 2007, Jon took over control of the business, allowing his folks to enjoy their much deserved semi-retirement. The creativity of Janice and Ray is still present because they create the millefiore glass pieces featured in the Fiesta line of scopes. In addition, Janice also still makes all the mirror systems that are placed in the tubes.

In 2007, Jon added a gold-plated finish to virtually all the scopes in the Chesnik Scopes line. Every scope style is signed and dated by the artist, and each comes with its own wooden base or stand. The brass, chrome and gold finishes couldn’t be easier to care for because they will never tarnish.
Any buyer of these wonderful scopes can rest assured that they make ideal gifts for men as well as women, such as for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Chesnik Scopes are among the best-selling scopes on the market, and truly collector pieces. Available in a wide price range, they will provide the owner with many years of viewing enjoyment.

Jon Greene