Sheryl’s Gallery

Sheryl Koch has been active in the Kaleidoscope Renaissance since 1980. Her goal has been to design and make kaleidoscopes that are beautiful to look at on the outside, and even more beautiful to look through. Each Kaleidoscope is a unique collectible, that with proper care will be treasured for generations. Sheryl is well known for her brass turning-wheel kaleidoscopes.

She is the daughter of kaleidoscope pioneer Janice Chesnik and have a brother and sister who share in her love of kaleidoscope art . Sheryl employs the wheel design of kaleidoscopes that her and her mother first developed in the 1980’s. She is credited with originating the double-image “Gemini” which featured a four mirror system, and also the surprising “Eclipse” image. Kaleidoscopes have been a family venture that has been a wonderful world to raise her daughter. Sheryl Koch has been a full-time glass and kaleidoscope artist since 1980 and is Studio Assistant for the Folk School’s glass program. Her work is featured nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, and kaleidoscope books. . Born and raised in the Southwest, she moved to Brasstown NC in 2004, where she continues her work of many colors, which has expanded into enameling.

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