Suzanne Keolker

Suzanne Keolker’s Gallery

Suzanne Keolker of Mugwump, designs and creates handbags, wallets, and other fashion accessories using reclaimed and or recycled materials. The new designs are given a renewed life – altered from their original intent.

Mugwump is an independent design troupe that uses reclaimed materials to create fashion accessories for the modern world. Based in Portland, Oregon Mugwump utilizes all variety of recycled goods, from retro records & cast away vinyl banners to lost maps and your favorite childhood books.

Making use of these re-purposed materials, and an industrial sewing machine, Mugwump creates handbags, clutches, passport covers, wallets and much more.

Since 2001 this female owned and operated, micro-business has sold her products at stores across the country with Suzanne Keolker as the sole designer. Suzanne learned from her mother early on that nothing should be wasted, and to this day that remains the inspiration behind Mugwump – ‘a clever endeavor in accessories’.

Suzanne Keolker