William Skiles-Lisa Stotska

William Skiles-Lisa Stotska Gallery

In 1998 husband and wife, William Skiles and Lisa Stotska, local Tucson artists, decided that they wanted to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and make their living as artists and business owners. William was a jeweler and sculptor while Lisa did graphic design and painting. Being true to the idea of creating something unique as artists, William produced what would become ‘The Original Pendant’, an ingenious design that relied on a now patented tension mechanism.

The pendant that William developed held a marble and William could, like magic, pull the marble out of the pendant and put in a new marble color, to the delight and astonishment of everyone who saw it. Lisa promptly exclaimed, “Got all your marbles?” and the company was born. With hard work and a consistent focus, the couple was able to create an entire product line from this initial concept, providing the fodder for a distinctive style and recognizable brand. A customer commented to the couple: “I just wanted to share that since discovering your jewelry in June I have become quite addicted!”

The jewelry itself was so novel and ingenious that it “sold itself”, over time becoming viral in workplaces and among friends and family. One customer wrote, “I bought my first ring five years ago in a small town in New York and have since ‘sold’ over 20 to friends and co-workers. What a conversation piece, I love it!”

15 years later the husband and wife team are now owners of Got All Your Marbles?, LLC, a successful small business employing 12 people in Tucson. Today Got All Your Marbles? markets three distinctly branded jewelry lines with prices ranging from $29 for a silver plated pendant to over $8,000 for diamond encrusted precious metal pieces that sport precious gem marbles.

“Just want to say I got the ring I ordered in the mail today and it’s by far the coolest thing I have ever ordered online.”

Got All Your Marbles? is a manufacturer of interchangeable marble jewelry in Tucson, AZ.