Handcrafted Americana at Art Of Toys in October

Handcrafted Americana at Art Of Toys in October features a few new toymakers and artists that “Handcraft” their art.

We are so happy to once again have a nice selection of California artist Mary Rowe that creates her art in the form of wool and yarn critters.  These unique wool creations are fun for all ages and they each have a unique look to their whimsical faces. Her sweet animals are perfect handcrafted art for all ages.

Mary Rowe_200x200


Rebecca Floyd makes “Frowny Dolls” she is an artist and  photographer living in Richmond, VA, with her husband Dan, their son Noah and their dog Arlo. When she first became a mother and their house began filling up with toys, she couldn’t help but notice that all the dolls were so happy. Like, really, really happy. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with being happy, she wanted her child to know that it’s okay to feel sad too.So her creative skills came to play. Frowny Dolls have won the Martha Stewart Creative award. We are happy to have a selection all unique.

Rebecca Floyd

We are introducing Bears for Humanity which has two unique aspects other than a cute cuddly toy. Bears for Humanity will donate a  bear to a child in need for every bear sold. Bears for Humanity are crafted in California bay area in a program to put woman back into the workplace…bear is cute story is GREAT!

Bears for Humanity beige large 800

We will also extend the wall for Dan Crowley and Chris Cinder. This is the time of year where daily deliveries fill the gallery with toys beginning the transformation to a Toyland…toy gifts share the art space to make it a fun frenzy experience!