How Much Are My Toys Worth? This question I get more over the phone than in the gallery but it is something many people wonder as they find those treasures in their old toy chest. Often an item that we think is going to be valuable has only sentimental value at this time…wait long enough and a gum wrapper will have value. Those play toys you were planning to donate turn out to have value in the current market above some of your treasures.

Mattel Kozmic Kiddles Purple Gurple

Timing and location can effect the value of a toy.  For example a new Star Wars movie comes out and all of a sudden there is a new fan base and thus a new awareness of past Star Wars toys so the demand goes up and the supply of new Star Wars toys goes up along with the demand for the old. This also drives the speculators into buying the toys to resell which in most cases they have to hang onto them for awhile unless it is the “Fad” toy of the time.

If you were selling your old Beanie Babies in the heyday you could get several hundred dollars for certain styles now they all sell for 50 cents to 2 dollars! Supply was cut with these but not before the fad grew out of hand. In the early 80s the Cabbage Patch doll caused black market deals that seemed to be from a dime store novel.


I often am surprised when I research my old toys and have learned to never assume the value. The internet is the easiest way to check what the current market is but NEVER use it as law especially when using things like ebay as your guide. Always use as the starting point especially if you can find photos but look for collaboration on the correct title and take it from there. I find mistakes every day when doing research before posting an item…just because it is on the net does not make it true…buyer beware!

P.S. It is hard to value a toy over phone without seeing the condition.