Since site is in new WordPress format  I decided to repeat  a few basic chats on selling your art that I discovered were needed after posting a “Call to Artists” in early 2013. Since I have been told blogs are more about photos than words I will break into short chats!

If you are the “Artist” and hate being the “Salesperson” get help! All creative people are not good marketing or sales agents!! Whether it be your mom, friend, wife, partner or a sales agent or gallery get someone to handle the day to day. Walt Disney gets all the credit but he would have not gone so far if he did not have his brother Roy to do the day to day and make it work.

Now it is all about Social Media so if you do not want to deal with the outside world of your studio get someone else to do at least 1 hour of Social Media of some kind every day! Who knows you could be another Walt!