What is my brand?

You think oh I will sell it on etsy or at craft fairs so I will sell it cheaper this is a step backward! Remember the first 2 chats and start to build your brand…your name and your art is your brand!

Well I think everyone understands what a brand is but very few artists think of themselves as a commodity to BRAND! Yes your name or if you create a web name or a etsy name this is something that becomes your brand. Try to only use one branded name this makes it so much easier to build. I often have artists come to me and there bio will be under one name and all the art will be signed with something different and then their card will have something different…too confusing unless you always group together which becomes a brand. EX. Art by “John Doe of Cool Art”.

PS. Keep it simple and easy to remember…Kleenex, Coco-cola and Q-tips are all simple brand names that have almost become generic terms for the item.