At this month’s Art Of Toys Fairy Show we are featuring a new artist that has crafted some beautiful play fairy houses with tree limbs and some careful woodworking to make a work of art that any fairy or child would love to call home. Swings, ladders and special places to sit are included in all his creations.

Artist Statement:

Every fairy tree I make is a unique work of art whimsically constructed as a portal to an imaginary world of magic and possibility.  For adults, I hope that my fairy trees evoke images of Neverland, Narnia, and Middle Earth. For children, something even more wonderful happens. Instead of being transported to a far away land from fiction, children create a world of there own imagination.

I was born and raised in Sacramento and graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in English literature in 2014 before being honorably discharged after four years in the Navy. Currently I am pursuing a MFA in sculpture at the San Francisco Academy of Art. I also have a wife and two children.