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Ginny the Ice Skater is a long cherished favorite play doll of children and collectors alike. Vogue Dolls moved to Oakdale, California into the care of a whole new Vogue Doll Company that was dedicated to her unique past and her future success. The 8″ doll is new in box and will include a 1998 wholesale catalog.

Ginny originated from the creative genius and experience of one person, Jennie Graves. The Vogue Doll Company, which was founded by Mrs. Graves in 1922, introduced Ginny at the New York International Toy Fair in 1951 to outstanding critical acclaim. Ginny is still regarded as the crowing achievement of the The Vogue Doll Company and has been loved by generations of American children since that time.

Jennie Graves strongly believed that dolls should be designed as companions to children, first and foremost. She embraced the aim of allowing Ginny to help children develop their character and stretch their imagination. The new Vogue Doll Company is dedicated to continuing the tradition envisioned by Jennie Graves, as a new and wonderful era in the life of Ginny.

Terri’s note: I still have my beloved Ginny fromĀ  when I was 5 and it still is as charming!

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