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Summer Swim Munny by Really Wendi also known as Gwen Akcins is a OOAK customized Munny  in a cute summer look. Wendy now specializes in Blythe doll creations. Munny is 8″ tall created for Art Of Toys 2020 Toy Art Show.

First released in 2012, the MUNNY is a blank vinyl figure designed to inspire creativity and allow everyone to sculpt, destroy, paint, scribble, splatter, pierce, sticker and most of all… to create! Coming in a 4”, 7” and 18” size variant, the smooth vinyl figure with movable joints has become internationally recognized as a gateway to art and toy design.


Really Wendi-Gwen Akcins

Really Wendi-Gwen Akcins

Hi! I’m Gwen. Really, Wendi, but that’s a story for another time. I’ve been making art my entire life. I started my art education as a political science major but realized quickly that the subject of politics neither encouraged liberty in my soul nor invoked delight or laughter. Since freedom and joy are my most important values, I scrapped my studies in politics, transferred to a new school and changed my major to Art.

Artist’s Statement:

I have always been free-spirited and expressive and as a result my work explores lots of fantasy and eccentricity; never, though, undermining the epic questions of humanity. Autonomy, peculiarity and queries are manifested in what you see here, today. I make art with aliens and monsters but my heart is also pulled toward dolls and miniature paintings as well as the occasional foray into petite taxidermy.

The artists who have impacted my own visual articulations span centuries and cultures. But with my mother, father, sister and grandmother, all artists, it is certainly they who are my biggest influences. I find that the best muses are kitty’s whiskers, a horse’s hoof beats and moonbeams in a jar, right behind my husband’s infectious laugh.

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