The Joy of Simple Toys

The joy of simple toys is something that Art Of Toy strives for when looking for toys to accompany the themed art shows. A good basic designed toy is timeless and crosses all ages. The simple beauty of a kaleidoscope, a hand cranked music box or a car that you push can not be measured. The everyday surprise is how few young people know what a kaleidoscope is or how to use a music box.

Jubilee Kaleidoscope Walnut Sheryl Koch g

A simple tin kaleidoscope with colored images can give endless entertainment. To add to the enticement a Star Wars litho delights the kids and is a joy to see the reaction when they figure out it is more than a simple tube. Adults will come back and look at the same scope over and over until a decision can be made.

R2D2 Schylling Kaleidoscope

I have had more than one teenager ask how to turn on a crank music box assuming they must hit a switch before evening attempting to crank it … and then are enchanted in the music they create from cranking as if they composed the works.

Cats 1

My new favorite toy at the gallery is the mini extremely sleek design of the wood finger racer from Milan that at a flick of your finger will race across your desk…no electronics needed.

Milanwood Racers

For every snazzy electronic toy purchased try to add a old school well designed toy along with a handcrafted piece of art.