TV Memorabilia

One of the more useful of my collections is Toy Reference books which I peruse of a regular basis looking for ideas to blog so today I came across “Collectible Television Memorabilia” by Dian Zillner. Now the first thing I have to check is what year this was published, for it does not look current even for memorabilia…it was published in 1996.

Ok so the value guide is not correct but the items are still memorabilia even though not current since 1996. Flipping through the photos I realize most of the “memorabilia” is from shows of my youth so it made me not only realize how old I’m getting but how fast things change and become things we had forgotten. In the world of TV this can change from season to season.

Some shows have tried to rerelease in a new younger look but rarely translate in this culture. Do you remember the A-Team? In 1983 it was a major hit but when they tried to redo it it went nowhere not even as a movie! There is only one Mr T.

Some items surprised me since I have never run across in toy shows…did you know they made a Dick Clark doll in 1958? If you do not know who Dick Clark is think of the old guy that dropped the ball at New Years — that was not his only gig.

Some just keep coming out…check out this scary Batman marionette — a bit wimpy for Batman!

The one common thing all the shows had was a comic book and color book. I guess these are the fastest and easiest items to produce just in case the show only did one season!

After reading this book I realized how many of these toys I have tucked away in a box somewhere, Bionic Woman, Sonny and Cher, Charlies Angels and Miss Piggy to name a few … time to hit the trunks and pull some classics out!