Wayne Edfors -Creativity Played

This month at Art Of Toys in the Sacramento gallery we are celebrating Kaleidoscopes and Wayne Edfors -Creativity Played collection of digital creations is a featured part of this show!


artist Wayne Edfors uses technology to create art with deep meaning & far reaching possibilities. edfors uses multiple online spaces to archive, create & curate how the human experience can be represented.  

#hashtags as names attach #METAmeaning while pointing the viewer to explore the intent of the piece with openness to all possibilities.

edfors incorporates printed original digital artworks, painted canvas, filters

& toys [vintage, retro & modern] which are photographed, collaged, morphed & manipulated before #KALEIDOSCOPEseen!

inviting the viewer to become mesmerized by #AWESinvertedPLAY

edfors creates a complex cornucopia of color & a cacophony of sight

layered with message, meaning & intent.

toys from the past to the present represent times of joy, places of play,

lessons learned & #dreamsDREAMT . . .

residing between the word & pause, one experiences the silent poetry of mind.

edfors views his art as tossing poppy seeds of intention into the wind and knowing they will pop & BLOOM for those intended! #ENTERtheART

Wayne Edfors