Wayne Edfors #Grid Driven

Wayne Edfors #Grid Driven Midtown Sacramento artist that blends photography, color and his computer to create mind boggling images is featured this month on the walls at Art Of Toys as part of the Kaleidoscope and Marble Show!



Art is Joy. Edfors uses technology to create art with deep meaning and far reaching possibilities. His multiple online spaces archive, create and curate how the human experience can be represented in art. 

Someplace between reality and possibility, a moment is suspended midstream; a still frame of motion on its way to somewhere intriguing and new. From inspiration found by capturing unique artistic impressions, an everyday object is morphed into a new dimension of curiosity and evocation. Saturated layers are texturized to reveal previously unseen aspirations between what is real and the twisted particles from which the imagination springs. The fractal-like array of elemental extraction and distortion opens a visceral window into a kaleidoscopic journey. 

Edfors describes his art as “Tossing poppy seeds of intention into the wind, knowing they will pop and bloom for those intended.” 

The artist releases series @ GRIDdriven.com #ENTERtheART to explore and learn more.

Recent artworks by Edfors are featured in the LEXUS lounge at the Golden 1 Center.