Chris Cinder

Cinder’s Gallery

Chris Cinder is a true born doodler-dreamer turned artist-gamer. His influences are: music, sci-fi movies, comic books, anime, hobby games and video games. Ultimately, his work focuses on story and the characters in that story.  Many of the pieces will follow a character through its adventures and discoveries.

 He put up with grade school just so he could play D&D during recess and take art classes.  The early years of his college education were spent playing 40k, RPGs and arcade games and the occasional art class.  He took on a myriad of jobs after college as an excuse to get out of the house until he could afford to move out. Later on, he met his best friend and married her. They started a family and are raising them true nerd strong and proud.  Along the way, Chris realized that most people really liked the stuff he painted and sculpted so he decided, with all the support of his wife, to take it seriously. He finished up his AA in Art at City College while diving into as many art shows and Art Events as he could find. 

Sometimes it feels like a hamster wheel and sometimes like I’m free-falling into a pit of daggers but through it all there is the love of my wife and kids, the support of my artist friends and the appreciation of my fans. I’m very grateful for this.”

I  connected with many other artists, some emerging like myself and others well established. In the years since that time, I have explored oils and pastels as well as other disciplines such as sculpture and miniatures work. My work is collected by many different people: Musicians, Visual Artists, Tattoo Artists, Lawyers, Educators, Soccer Moms, Sportspeople and Fitness Trainers, Auto and Bike Enthusiasts and anyone looking for something more than a poster on their wall or some happy art for a mad world.

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