What to look for when buying a kaleidoscope?

This is a question Art Of Toys often hears in the gallery.
As with any art I think the first step is the most obvious to buy what is appealing to you! With this said the outside of a kaleidoscope is a container or vessel to hold the mirror system and glasswork invented in 1815 by Sir David Brewster. Many kaleidoscope artists have as much artistry in the the outside scope as inside. Scopes by Master Woodworkers and engravers add to artistry as well as artists with a unique design concepts can all offer a bonus to the interior image art.

  • The inside image where the magic occurs have many factors to create an image, after you finish the ooo-ahs, check for the following that all contribute to the imagery.
  • How many mirrors in the mirror system used for the scope and if magnifying lens is part of the system will contribute to the clarity of the image.
  • What is used for color? Some examples- Wheels of Milfori, bits of things floating in oil, Dichrondric glass, agate, stainglass all contribute to the vibrancy of the scope.
  • Light source and how does the light enter the scope? From the side or front or even a projector can all contribute.

The artistry of the kaleidoscope is expierencing a rival of a lost art that is blossoming with our new technologies. Art Of Toys is proud to help you discover the different kaleidoscope artists and their work here.

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