Sheryl Koch Brass Eclipse Kaleidoscope


Beautiful inside as well as out!

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Sheryl Koch Brass Eclipse Kaleidoscope has a 3 mirror system that gives the image a quilted look based on a central mandala with a 3 point star. The barrel is 8 “ long made from a high shine brass creating a very rich look. There are two 3.5” diameter wheels which are made up of textured glass, stained glass and have small trinkets and beads fused on which adds to the diversity in images. The image in this scope is very crisp and clear. The 2” brass eyepiece is lacquered brass to resist tarnish. Sheryl Koch dates and signs all her scopes etched at barrel under wheels.

The unusual base on this scope gives it a very unique architectural look crafted in the hardwood of walnut.

Sheryl uses the finest materials available to create her wonderful kaleidoscopes. One of the trademarks of her varied line is having two wheels to turn at the end of the body. The wheels can be made with stained glass, agate stories, glass jewels, and fused glass (‘hot’ glass). Some wheels are a combination of the above, but because there are two wheels, there is almost and endless combination of beautiful and Intricate visions. Each kaleidoscope contains a front surface optical mirror to create beautiful visions without distortion.

The trademark of Koch Kaleidoscopes is precision optics, handcrafted in America with the highest quality materials. Each kaleidoscope is signed and dated by Sheryl Koch.


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