Lisa Owens Fairy Art Lasair Finds Andreas


One of a kind fairy couple in love sculpted by MidDreamers artist Lisa Owens in Polymer clay.


Lisa Owens fairy art Lasair finds Andreas you will love the feeling of romance Lisa Owns has captured with her piece “Lasair and Andreas” ! You can see the timid apprehension in Lasair as he approaches the alluring Andreas. New artist Lisa Owens has done a wonderful job with this One Of A Kind polymer clay creation. The two fairies set upon a piece of drift wood as they discover the magic of each other. Each fairy has artist created dragonfly wings and mohair wigs.  A visitor to the gallery thought Andreas had a “not tonight” look upon her face while Lasair awaits patiently! You can create your own wonderful story for these two beautiful fairies.  Lisa Owens fairy art  is a wonderful addition to any collection!

Terri Tidbit: I love investing in new young artists and watching their craft grow be one of the early birds with this artist!


For more info on Lisa click below!

Lisa Owens

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in


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