Lisa’s Gallery

Lisa Owens of Redding CA. is the creator and artist of MidDreamers Fairy Art. She started creating O.O.A.K fairies in 2000, but did not start selling them until 2008 in a local art shop. Lisa Owens is a mother of two daughters, and works as a care provider assistant for 6 special needs children. Doing this line of work, Lisa believes it has taught her a great deal of patience which is a key factor in great works of art. Although a fairly new artist, she has turned a once hobby and school elective into something much more. Her work is more then what meets the eye with hours spent on each piece of art. The time and patience put into each one will never truly be known. She takes her time on each piece making it just right, and will stick with it until she feels it is done with that magic that shines thru in fairy art. Her fairies have been sold all around the world, such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the U.K. Such recognition has led to doing more than the O.O.A.K fairies. She has done a few portrait sculpts of children, and just started figures for Darkslinger Comic Books. Lisa truly loves what she does and it shows in her work and livelihood. Lisa Owens has great passion for her art and leaves a little bit of herself in each piece she does.

Lisa Owens