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Marca Castillo fairy doll art Stinkerella is handcrafted  so each one has it’s own unique personality and look. The concept, clothing and painting are one of a kind for each doll. Sculpted parts are hand poured into a resin mold and hand finished. This wonderful fantasy doll was created for you by Marca in 2010.  Stinkerella is a very outspoken Goblin with amazing powers of observation. She can remember facts and uses them to her advantage. She trusts her own gut feeling which is another reason why she seldom fails, so she finds herself being the leader of the group, since other creatures believe she has the magic touch to turn every situation or business into a successful venture. (Perfect for every business exec’s desk!)

Stinkerella is 9” tall with head and fantastic sculpted hands that are hand cast resin and epoxy clay with hand painted eyes and features. Hair is painted with sparkle highlights. Clothing is acetate and polyester with yarn accessories. The grin on Stinkerella will cheer you up with just a glance!

For more information on the creative artist, Marca Castillo click the link below.

Marca Castillo


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