Collector’s Decorating 1

I love to see how different collectors include their collections in their home, especially when the collection becomes a feature component or is the decoration. Nothing is worse when I hear the collection is stored in a box under the bed to “protect it” . Even carefully stored items can wear in the box for example the elastic stringing or ties of a doll can deteriorate or wrapped in too much plastic can cause discoloration. Enjoy your collections and live with them even if you have to rotate them in and out of storage.

I just found this really cool book in my bookshelf, “Collector’s Style” that was published by Better Homes and Gardens. Most of the collections are not toys but you can still use the display concepts for your toy collection. The number one design for me was creating display boxes under a stairwell wall. I’m so happy for a picture that I can show a contractor for they acted like I lost it when I suggested doing this my dining room wall.

stairway displays from Collector's Style

Try to designate areas creating anĀ  vignette for collections so you feature collection also helps with being able to sit on chairs and use the furniture as well as not being known as that crazy toy person! The picture below is a grouping at the holidays on a small red square platform made from an IKEA Parsons table minus the legs. Sorry for the weird filter on photo. Decorate with Toys 2More tomorrow!