What is the difference between a collector and a hoarder?


Donald Kaufman

I love to see how people organize and display their collections! In this day of internet I found these three interviews on youtube with three very different collections but all three have a lot of pieces that are very organized…check them out.

Let’s start with Donald Kaufman that has a very organized diecast and metal collection of cars and trucks…toys. I have seen other videos of this from the one I listed that talk about how his children were not supportive of his collecting till after they saw the final numbers from his auction! His is pictured above with his very supportive collector wife!

Widely considered to be the ultimate assemblage of antique and vintage toys in private hands today, the Donald Kaufman collection has fueled the fantasies of many a collector over the past five decades. Now the entire contents (in excess of seven thousand pieces) of that fabled collection will be made available to one and all, starting with a 1500-lot offering at Bertoia Auctions in Vineland, NJ, from March 19-21, 2009


Then take a peek at Mel Birnkrant who has one of the coolest Disney and early cartoon character collections I’ve seen…this is my favorite!


Mel Birnkrant of New York State has been collecting comic character toys for more than 50 years. His collection focuses on Mickey Mouse and other icons of the classic period of comic strips and animation from about 1900-1940.


And finally some really cool contemporary vinyl toy art that is taking over a 2 story condo… I like the lighting he has! Sorry no photo since they list him as “Rick Web Marketer” so hit the link to youtube to view!

Rick’s got a sweet 2 story condo decorated with some cool pieces that are a combination of cute and gore. His coolest thing is an impressive collection like you’ve never seen.