You go to an art auction and pick up a nice little painting from a young unknown artist, take it home and hang it and there it is… you think you will remember the where, when and who of the artwork but life moves on or worse a tragedy strikes and what did you have.

At the time of purchase is the easiest time to get info. I t does not have to be fancy but ask the artist or seller for a simple bio and or artist statement. A provenance is even better but I find even museum art auctions don’t always provide. Take a simple photo and put with any info including receipt and place in a binder. ..Wha la you have created a simple document to establish your own provenance. Keep your binder somewhere safe incase there is a tragedy such as fire.

Start today and try to document your artwork that you already own then add to it. Remember today’s unknown could be the next star of the future!

PS Art Of Toys provides Bio and Provenance with all sold artwork and vintage pieces!

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