Doll Artists Featured Month of October

Doll Artists Featured Month of October with some of the best international doll artists to Sacramento including Marilyn Radzat, Stephanie Blythe, Christine Benjamin and Sheri DeBow, Amber Glassman, and Stephanie Novatski as well as local artists Gwen Akacins of “Real Wendi”. We will have a selection of vintage Yolanda Bello and Wendy Lawton dolls available as well as new creations and wall dolls. We will have a fun project out front on 2nd Saturday 5:30 to 7:30 for all ages, so kids make room for the adults, there is fun for all ages at the Art Of Toys.

Art dolls are objects of art, rather than children’s toys, created in a wide variety of styles and media, and may include both pre-manufactured parts or wholly original works. Art dolls production demand a wide range of skills and technologies, including sculpting, painting, and costuming. They are often multimedia objects made from materials such as fabric, paperclay, polymer clay, wax, wood, porcelain, natural or synthetic hair, yarn, wool, and felt. As works of art, art dolls can take weeks or months to finish. Wiki

On 2nd Saturday there will be a fun FREE art project for all ages out front of Art Of Toys from 5:30 -7:30. Start your walk here we will have maps and there are many restaurant with in blocks. Be prepared there is event with street blockage on next block but we will be open.

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Art Of Toys October Doll Show 2019