Drug Dealer Barbie

I just read the funniest Barbie story on the internet in awhile “Drug Dealer Barbie”… poor Barbie cannot get a break. I was going to put the link to the Daily Mail but my computer alerted me to virus ad ware so I will cut and paste it!


A huge haul of marijuana has been found by police in California – hidden behind boxes of Barbie dolls.

Around 10,000 lbs of cannabis was found stuffed inside the boxes, police say, with the drugs thought to be worth $5million.

The cannabis was seized by officers who found the stash inside cardboard boxes in the back of a truck at a San Bernardino depot.

The marijuana was hidden in unmarked cardboard boxes behind decoy Barbie deliveries, according to The Blaze.

Inside the boxes of toys were Barbie Sisters: Go Camping Campers – doll-sized camper vans that come with two hammocks and a swimming pool. The deluxe vans cost $74.32.

Police were working on another investigation at around 7pm when they spotted the suspicious semi truck and searched inside.

They are yet to make any arrests but say they have a lead on the suspects, who are thought to have brought the drugs in from abroad.

Lieutenant Travis Walker, District Commander for San Bernardino Police Department, said he did not know whether dealers had planned to pick up the truck later.

He said: ‘[Officers] were working an investigation that led them to this truck depot.

‘They found a truck that looked suspicious… and located the 10,000 pounds of marijuana.

‘Indications are that it was not grown within… the United States.

‘It appears the truck was dropped here. Whether this was the final destination … is unknown.

‘Although marijuana is legal in the state, the illegal sale of marijuana creates additional safety concerns for police and the community.’

The exact location of the drugs bust was not revealed for safety reasons.

Does it not make you wonder why the police were raiding a Barbie Toy delivery truck in the first place?