Good Art Will Not Match Your Sofa

Good Art Will Not Match Your Sofa is a quote fromĀ  California artist Fred Babb. I LOVE the thought after repping art and having galleries hand me a couch cushion (more than once) to see if I had anything that would match regardless of genre or theme. Buying art to match your sofa I guess works for hotels but your personal collection should reflect you and your lifestyle. Yes I know you will get older and things change but if you select what you love and if you buy quality craftsmanship who cares? You will look back and say oh I remember when…

I love to incorporate my toys and art together though out my home the whole house becomes a reflection of me… the current sliders on Art Of Toys are snaps from the house that Chris my web guru chose… I do just the opposite I buy furniture to go with the art!

Good Art Wont match Sofa  7-20-13