What Makes A Treasure?

What Makes A Treasure? I believe what is a treasure to one might not be a treasure to all. Have you ever heard the saying “one man’s trash is another treasure”? It is always sad to have to tell someone their cherished toy has no value in the current market but if you hold onto long enough it could be a treasure… of course this is not necessarily in their lifetime.

Penny Dolls                                     Penny dolls were sold for pennies and now sell approx $14-$30

When looking at art and toys and toys as art this is often the case. The toy industry as a whole is driven by FADS this is even with handmade, educational and trendy electronic toys. For example, here in Northern California a few years back every kid had a Kendama which is a Japanese toy made in China based on a Mexican cup and ball folk toy…. this was a fad that is no longer in demand here (could be in another town or city). The value is now based on play value and demand where before in the heyday of the fad it was sold as a treasure.


Remember Pong? (Ok this means you are old)  My son spent hours watching the little ball of light boing across the screen thou I do not see a real treasure in that lil box but for some it could be. Even educational toys can change with the current trend in teaching!


The contribution of unusual and rare is usually what establishes a “Treasure” when evaluating a monetary value by appraisers but I think what is cherished by you or a love one is always the best treasure. I had a lovely gentleman call this week trying to value some one of a kind dolls before his children inherited and tossed not knowing or appreciating the value. Passing along our treasures is a tough task (maybe for another blog) … donating to a toy museum might be a better home for your treasures than thrown into the estate or yard sale heap!

yardsale                                                                                        pic: DailyNews