Mattel Liddle Kiddles Childhood Toys Take on Value

Mattel Liddle Kiddles Childhood Toys Take on Value -wow who would have thought that a favorite little play doll could have jumped in value so much …surprise … some of our most cherished toys have little to no value where others jump in leaps and bounds.

The Liddle Kiddles series was were introduced by Mattel in 1966.  They were tiny dolls, ranging from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches tall, with pose-able limbs and rooted hair. From 1966 to 68 the first Liddle Kiddles were introduced each doll had rooted hair and came with accessories and a storybook, most of them came with a comb. Mattel released many versions packaged several ways with different accessories. I think some of the value increase has to do with it being a much loved toy by the baby boomers!

As I dig thru the countless boxes of saved toys I look forward to sharing more of my Liddle Kiddles on the online store…what is next?

Mattel Kozmic Kiddles Purple Gurple