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Vintage Toy Plane NR Xonex Leadworks Fighter 1987 Japanese Tin Zero Fighter WWII Plane. Close to a 16 inch wingspan. The tin fuselage, wings and tail are nicely detailed and lithographed. The plastic wheel covers, canopy and propeller perfect. This vintage toy plane NR Xonex Leadworks Fighter was made as a pusher only, and never had a friction or battery operated motor. The box is complete and excellent, and includes its inner packing. This toy was designed and created by Leadworks in Cleveland, Ohio, but actually produced in Japan. Leadworks is actually an AKA for Xonex Corp., during the 1980s they began to produce exact Replicas of Antique and Vintage Toys including Lambretta Mini Scooter, Vespa Scooter Rally, a No. 9 Hook and Ladder Mini Pedal Firetruck, Harley Davidsons, and so many more. They are considered one of the best at attention to detail , and are being sought by collectors as they have a solid future market.

REFERENCES: Pressland’s Great Book of Tin Toys by David Pressland, Toys And Prices 2009 by Tom Bartsch, Toys & Prices 2010 by Karen O’Brien Collectors Guide to Tootsie Toys: Identification and Values, The Wonder of American Toys 1920-1950 by Charles Dee Sharp Condition: MIB Weight: 1lb 8oz Measurements (LxWxH): 16 inches x 5.75 inches x 4.5 inches


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