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Beyond 123 Shanghai pick up sticks Sea is fully functional set of pick up sticks that can be used as an original home accent between games. Create vivid and unique displays reminiscent of floral bouquets for timeless entertainment that doubles as customizable art.

Each set comes in a canvas storage bag complete with a wood ring to help create art forms. You will love the versatility of this unique art toy designed by Fabio Guaricci and made in Milan Italy.
Each stick is 16 inches long!
Directions for game: Each stick has a score!
Sea: 1 yellow (50 points), 1 green (25 points), 9 dark blue (10 points), 15 turquoise (5 points) and
20 light blue (2 points)
Sun: 1 green (50 points), 1 yellow (25 points), 9 red (10 points), 15 fuchsia (5 points) and 20
orange ( 2 points)
Let sticks fall down on flat surface like a fan. Remove them from the table one at a time with your hands or a the aid of another stick. The first player tries yo get a stick without moving the others. If the action is successful, the player can go on taking sticks in the same way. If this is not the case, it is the turn of the following player. The winner is the player who obtains the highest value summing up the scores of the gained sticks.
5 to 99 years

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