Loosing My Touch by Chris Cinder Original Robot Art


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Loosing My Touch by Chris Cinder Original Robot Art

Loosing My Touch by Chris Cinder original robot art is a wonderful hand painted original robot  painting that has been created for you with the wit and creativity of an artist that loves his work! Chris Cinder known to all as “Cinder” who creates each character with its own personality and unique attributes is a Sacramento, California based artist.  This original painted canvas 20 x16 with a wrapped painted edge.

Backstory: As the Sidelands wars drug on, ever on, the Titans began to loose their influence over the machine world of their creation. Al-one looked on as a Titan attempts to draw up a spark to defend a town from immanent EYE-BOT attack … it becomes apparent: the Titan is loosing his touch with the other. The EYE-BOTS are an invasive force devouring resources until nothing is left. Battle of the Sidelands , a Hakobot Story by Christian A Cinder 2019

Artist Statement:  My influences are: music, Sci-fi movies, comic books, hobby games and video games.  After many different small projects and competitions,  I began to take my work seriously enough to pursue it full time. First shows were at a local photography studio and were single night group shows where I  connected with many other artists, some emerging like myself and others well established. In the years since that time, I have explored oils and pastels as well as other disciplines such as sculpture and miniatures work. My work is collected by many different people: Musicians, Visual Artists, Tattoo Artists, Lawyers, Educators, Soccer Moms, Sportspeople and Fitness Trainers, Auto and Bike Enthusiasts and anyone looking for something more than a poster on their wall or some happy art for a mad world.

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