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Labbiter XK-5 Robot by kidrobot released April 5th 2019 is a wonderful version of Labbiter complete with multiple hands. Originally named XK-5, a mechano-biological alien AI weapon from Nebula M78. While chasing the space monster Gemular, he suffered a navigation error and crashed into a small community of Labbits on Earth 7, wreaking havoc and killing a small farming Labbit. Feeling guilt for playing a part in his death, XK-5 merged their bodies and minds, restoring life to Labbit and creating a new being – Labbiter XK-5. Since that day, Labbiter XK-5 staunchly defends Earth 7 against aliens and monsters. Standing strong at 8” tall with 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, this earth-scavenging hunk of vinyl is ready to protect your designer toy collection!

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