Antique German China Head Doll 1850s


1850 to 1900 Germany China head doll in vintage black net lace dress.

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Antique German China Head  Doll 1850 to 1900 Germany based on hairstyle I place this china head. Her arms and legs are unglazed bisque with the exception of the brown high heel shoes that include small heels. This 6 3/4″ beauty has a wonderful feel in the palm of your hand and has been crafted with love. The call out on this doll is her costume that has been hand sewn with cream taffeta then 2 layers of black netting. The black netting overskirt has some elaborate beadwork at the hem and waist and even has a bustle detail. Her ensemble is completed with   a black jet bead necklace.
Many of the china head dolls are unmarked, or may have a mold number; it can be impossible to pinpoint the manufacturer, so most dolls are described and identified by their hairstyles.  As hairstyles changed the dolls reflected this and changed too. Some of the companies that made the china head dolls are: Alt, Beck & Gottschalk, Dressel & Kister (these are usually heads or half dolls), Hertwig & Co. (distributed thru Butler Brothers & Bawo & Dotter NY importers ), Kling,  KPM Berlin,  KPM Meissen,  A.W. Fr. Kister, Kestner & Co., and Conta & Boehme,  Kloster Veilsdorf – made the so-called Greiner type china’s, (German), Rorstrand (Sweden), Royal Copenhagen (Denmark), Jacob Petit, Huret and Rohmer (French).
I will include with the Provenance a great article from internet on China Head Dolls.

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