Dionne Quintuplets in a Shoe 1935-40


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This is a wonderful set and in great condition of the Dionne Quintuplets that were born in 1934 in Canada. I originally dated this wonderful set of tiny dolls from 1935 but did not make the relationship of the red boot until further research led me to the Dionne Quintuplets in a Shoe 1935-40 that were born in 1934 in Canada. They became an instant tourist attraction for Canada goldmine for the family and government. There  was a lot of product produced based on one of the biggest stories of the era. One of the references that came out was from the Disney movie Dumbo. In Dumbo (1941), during the song “Watch Out For Mr. Stork”, the reference to the Dionne Quintuplets  is “Remember those quintuplets / And the woman in the shoe / Maybe he’s got his eye on you /.”  This could be reaching but finding this as a set of five was unusual so I thought it had to do with the Quints or the Old Lady in The Shoe … a bit more digging ties the two together.

Regardless this is a wonderful set and in great condition! Each doll is marked on back in mold “JAPAN” and printed on side. It is unusual to have to origin marks on such tiny dolls. Each doll is a frozen 1 ¾” with jointed arms attached at the shoulder with wire. Each has a little colored skirt painted on with some wear. Dolls all have a blond bob haircut with some facial features molded and painted. The Red boot has “Made In Japan” on inside heel.


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