Mindgames Chris Cinder


One of a kind original Cthulhu painting by Chris Cinder.


Mindgames Chris Cinder

Mindgames  Chris Cinder is a unique one of a kind hand painted original monster art painting. Mindgames by Chris Cinder has been created for you with the wit and creativity of an artist that loves his work! Chris based on Cthulhu mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft and how his view of Humankind are just playthings for the Old Ones.  Chris Cinder known to all as “Cinder” who creates each character with its own personality and unique attributes is a Sacramento, California based artist.  You will love the mischief as the glow in the dark highlights add a bit of scare to your art! This was created in 2010 and pulled from the artists personal collection.

canvas 20 x 16 wrapped painted edge

Artist Statement:

My influences are: music, sci-fi movies, comic books, hobby games and video games.  After many different small projects and competitions,  I began to take my work seriously enough to pursue it full time. First shows were at a local photography studio and were single night group shows where I  connected with many other artists, some emerging like myself and others well established. In the years since that time, I have explored oils and pastels as well as other disciplines such as sculpture and miniatures work. My work is collected by many different people: Musicians, Visual Artists, Tattoo Artists, Lawyers, Educators, Soccer Moms, Sportspeople and Fitness Trainers, Auto and Bike Enthusiasts and anyone looking for something more than a poster on their wall or some happy art for a mad world


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 3 in


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