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Patches Pig T. Oliver Kopian is roly-poly pig will be a friend to everyone in your barnyard or office! Designed by T. Oliver Kopian he will bring a chuckle to all with his curly tail and big soulful eyes. Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted from start to finish in a unique patented process known as Rubber Plush┬«. The finished product is a cross between paper mache, molded rubber and a stuffed animal. All aspects of the process are done by hand… from the original sculpting and molding, to hand stuffing, and ultimately airbrush and detail painting.
Patches is a lover and wants to be hugged and loved by all in his world! He is quite frisky despite his round physique and loves to visit all the barnyard critters on a regular basis. He loves to work as the guard pig when the dog is goofing off!
15.5″ L X 10″W X 13″H


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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 15 in


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