Punch and Judy Theater Set


Create your own puppet theater!

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Punch and Judy Theater Set has all the traditional characters in this charming set to cut out and assemble. You will love the craft project that becomes a wonderful little puppet theater with puppets and scrip. Includes Mr. Punch, Crocodile, Toby, Judy and a Harlequin along with instructions and basic script to build upon. Timeless play for one of the oldest continuous performed puppet shows. Retro illustrations make a great gift!

Punch and Judy is a traditional, popular, and usually very violent puppet show featuring Mr. Punch and his wife, Judy. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, each depicting an interaction between two characters, most typically Mr Punch and one other character (who usually falls victim to Mr. Punch’s club). It is often associated with traditional British Coastal Seaside. The various episodes of Punch and Judy are performed in the spirit of outrageous comedy — often provoking shocked laughter — and are dominated by the anarchic clowning of Mr. Punch. Wikipedia

Box size is 10.5 x 11.5

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