Robot Lilliput Tin Windup Collectable NP5357


Metal windup!

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Robot Lilliput Tin Windup Collectable NP5357 is a metal windup “toy” now called a collectable since metal tabs and sharp edges do not meet current safety standards. This robot has retro graphics based on original toy. From behind, you’ll see a very old style switch which is labeled “A-Go” and “B-Stop”. Basically you put in the stop position while winding and when your ready for some noisy, slow robot walking action, you flick it to go. It walks and arms swing with each step.

The original Lilliput Robot made in Japan is believed to be the first robot toy. Some collectors have said this toy originated in the 1930’s although some newer research by experts has pointed to the mid 40’s after the war. This version is made in China and is called “Big Teeth” by the importer?

Attn: This is not a toy -for adult collectors only 14+

9” tall

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 in


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