Sasha Wintersport Doll #130e 1986


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Sasha Blonde “Wintersport” #130E was manufactured in England by Frido/Trendon/Sasha Dolls Ltd. circa 1986 as a Limited Edition Sasha doll. According to Dorisanne Osborn in “Sasha Dolls Through The Years,” this limited edition doll was only produced until January 24, 1986 when the factory in England closed. According to International Playthings catalog as seen in inserted picture this doll was a “ New 1986 Release” not planned limited edition but with the closure of the factory only first run was completed which is estimated at 300 dolls. This doll has been stored in box since received in 1986 and is MIB condition.

IPI 1986 Sasha Page

IPI 1986 Sasha Page

Sasha Morgenthaler (1893–1975) was a Swiss artist and dollmaker, best known for the “Sasha doll” produced in Germany and the United Kingdom beginning in the late 1960s. Popular with collectors, Sasha dolls are characterized by their individualism, their realistic expressions, their unique color, and the extreme attention to detail in the manufacture of the dolls as well as their clothes. It is said by Juliette Peers that: “Sasha dolls are renowned for possessing a solid intellectuality.” Morgenthaler created face sculpts for her dolls with subtle expressions, not artificially exaggerated smiles: her concern was that children surviving the horrors of WWII would not relate to such happy dolls in times of terror. It was said of Morgenthaler herself, as a child, that “When she was sad, she did not like her dolls uncompromising smiles. Once she grabbed a nail file and scraped off her doll’s false grin…” In her own words, “No grotesque caricature can awaken a child’s true feelings. A piece of wood, barely carved, is far superior to a conventional doll with an exaggerated smile.” Wikipedia

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