Walt Disney Classic Collection 1999 Catalog


Great source for documentation and reference of your Walt Disney Classics Collection art!

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Walt Disney Classic Collection 1999 catalog starts with a dream. A dream of discovering, in three-dimensional porcelain, the enchanting essence of what makes a Disney moment so magical, a Disney character so unforgettable. One of the best resources to document a collection is the Retailer Catalog that is used by company to show the current line. This is a Walt Disney Classic Collection 1999 Catalog showing what was current that year and new releases. Fun Disney documentation and reference even if you do not have WDCC …yet!

As you explore the Walt Disney Classics Collection, look closely at the fine details and craftsmanship of every piece. For each sculpture is the result of the skill and artistry of some of the most innovative and exquisite porcelain making in the world.

Catalog in new condition!

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