Wendy Lawton Pollyanna Art Doll


Pollyanna is the 5th edition in Wendy Lawton’s Classic Series.

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Wendy Lawton Pollyanna Art Doll

Wendy Lawton Pollyanna art doll was inspired by Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter is the sensitive story of an orphan who managed to change an entire town with her sunny outlook. Wendy Lawton has created this 13″ all-porcelain version of Pollyanna, holding her crystal prism “rainbow-maker.” .This was the 5th design in the Classic Series by Wendy Lawton created in 1986 along with Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls in an edition of 250 in her Turlock California studio.
Wendy’s work has garnered an impressive array of awards. In past years, Lawton dolls have been nominated for close to seventy industry awards, winning the coveted DOTY eleven times and the Dolls Award of Excellence three times.

This is #211 of 250

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