Exhibit Dates: September 2nd thru the 26th
Featured Art: Puppets!

The art of Puppets is one of the oldest forms of theater dating back to the 5th Century BC. As an art form, theater and then toy is has a strong heritage. Puppet Art Month of September at Art Of Toys will honor of this art with several key puppet artists from across the nation. We have puppet-related gifts, crafts and Folkmanis puppets as well. Artie Annette will have a fun project out front on 2nd Saturday 5:30 til darkĀ for all ages so kids make room for the adults there is fun for all at Art Of Toys

Dan Crowley of Chicago delights Art Of Toys visitors with his whimsical finger puppets! Dan is known for doing one-of-a-kind custom commissions, which we will promote for him this month. Dan’s medium is polymer clay, where each face alone has a minimum of 18 separate pieces of clay that must be sculpted into place.

T. Oliver Kopian of Creatures Delight will have some of his fun dragon puppets sculpted from his own patented rubber solution!

Daunine Vining – The ancient art of puppets can be discovered in the beautiful one-of-a-kind creations by Colfax, California artist Daunine Vining. Daunine has examples of hand puppets, marionettes and rod puppets.

Terri Rehg – Soft sculpture artist has created original characters from one of the best known continuous puppet shows “Punch and Judy.”

On 2nd Saturday Artie Annette will be returning with a fun FREE art project for all ages out front of Art Of Toys from 5:30 to dark start your walk here we will have maps and there are many restaurant with in blocks.