As a general rule I like to leave toys in “as found or played with” condition for my customers to make the decision on to “fix” old toys or not.

One thing I do believe in is cleaning the toy when possible for usually dirt and grime will only continue to harm the toy. There are many ways to clean toys depending on what they are constructed with so this 1st blog will be for fabric . Start with the most obvious …dust…wipe clean with a soft dry rag.

Laundering costumes can make a huge difference but you need to test inside a seam to be sure your color is steadfast. I ONLY hand wash if washing fabric costumes or toys.

A few things I use are:

1. Ivory Dish Soap DILUTED with water- soak-swish-rinse-line dry

2. Hydrogen peroxide – will remove blood and other nasty stains

3. Baking Soda made into a soft paste will remove yellowing – let sit then thoroughly rinse

4. Salt made into a paste can be used to spot clean- rinse

5. One of my new favorites for a small spot is Tide’s Spot remover pens…use as directed.

Some old fabrics just cannot be cleaned without falling apart so beware. I have made new costumes for dolls and puppets to display but leave the old under new or package with new so original is still in tact regardless how ugly.

Mend any tears or missing closures when possible!