To continue with a peek at Art Of Toys Robot artists participating in May show …today is CyberCraft day! We have been following CyberCraft for some time on facebook and are so proud to include some of Sarah’s creative and beautifully executed metal robot sculptures in the show.

CyberCraft Robots Our Story

Our Orbiting Laboratory allows us to search local star systems for Artifacts from the Future.

Many of the ordinary looking objects around you are actually fragments of disassembled Robots, Rayguns, and Spaceships! Our mission is to collect these seemingly mundane items and reassemble them into the marvelous Artifacts they were intended to be.

Our Sculptures are constructed with fasteners-no adhesives, no welding. This means the components are bolted together and riveted together. There are often multiple levels of structure inside the sculpture that one cannot see, but which are necessary to create the effortless “these parts belong together” feel which is a hallmark of CyberCraft Robots.

Each CyberCraft Robots Artifact is identified with a metal logo nameplate. In addition, each bears a Mysterious Symbol, passed down by Robotkind for millennia.

Sarah Thee Campagna with sparks small