For all you people who read the blog and do not know what the grid is in Sacramento, California, where the gallery is located, it is the downtown area that was designed to be on a basic square grid. This makes it really easy to get around Sacramento unless you do not understand the artery streets and or get turned around in the section with “Midtown Calming.” The city is laid out starting in Old Sacramento at the river edge and radiating out from there with numbered streets one direction and letter street the other. When you hear the term “Shop the Grid” it means to support the business with in the grid.


After four years Art Of Toys is finally “on the grid” officially! Yahoo! Check us out at on the Downtown Grid site.


We are excited to be part of the Downtown Grid and will have shows and events posted here as well as our Facebook site!

We have FREE Shop the Grid, 2nd Saturday Maps, and Eat the Grid Maps at the gallery…come visit!