Japanese Tin Fire Truck 1960’s


Japanese tin friction fire truck from the 60’s.

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Vintage Japanese Tin Fire Truck 1960’s is a Japanese tin friction fire truck with single axel and gear box. Has a detailed litho with opposing views on exterior. In very good  condition with some playwear. The production of tin toys was discontinued during  World War II because of the need for raw materials in the war effort. After the war, tin toys were produced in large numbers in  Japan.Under occupation and the Marshall Plan, manufacturers in Japan were granted the right to resume production. The idea was to give Japan all of the low profit; high labor manufacturing and the US companies could sell the imported product. It worked better than they had expected and Japan became a tin toy manufacturing force until the end of the 1950s. In the 1960s cheaper plastic and new government  safety regulations ended the reign of tin toys. Presently, China has taken over the role of the leading tin toy manufacturing country.  Measures  1 ¼” long

Five Brothers Rare Toy Estate: The core of the collection was actually established in the 1950s by the father (from Indiana) of the adult sons who are consignors to the May sale. As time went on, each of the five brothers set out on his own individual collecting path. Each took a different approach to building his collection, but the one important thing they had in common was a love of vintage American toys, primarily of the boomer era. The time-span for the toys is heavily focused on the 1950s and 60s, with a few from the 1970s.

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