Toy Art Lab Kimil Oscar Ayotzintli-Trash


Lab Kimil is a collaboration by Oscar Ayotzintli and Trash

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This Toy Art Lab Kimil Oscar Ayotzintli-Trash is a “lab kimil” (dead’s avatar), the newest collaboration between urban artist trash and oscar ayotzintli. The ancestral mayan voices tells us about the “lab” our companion avatar that lives in us from the moment that we are born (animal, vegetable or mineral) and “kimil” is the lord of the dead that waits for us on the other side. these two ideas were fuzed to create this awesome silver plated necklace named “lab kimil.”

Oscar likes to create new and interesting designs, and his goal is to change the way people see jewelry by making fun, textural and substantial pieces that people don’t just wear but actually connect to, what he likes to call “animated jewelry”®.
Oscar also has a deep appreciation for his mexikan-anahuak ancestry and culture, and celebrates it often through his artwork.



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