Oscar Ayotzintli Spidermite Toy Art Jewelry


Spidermite by artist Oscar Ayotzintli is the latest for this talented designer who is a real trend setter.

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Oscar Ayotzintli Spidermite toy art jewelry is handcrafted metal 1″ silver plated charm on black leather cord necklace. Artist Oscar Ayotzintli has created Spidermite toy art jewelry as the latest work for this talented designer who is a real trend setter. All of Oscar’s designs celebrate a uni-sex look that can be enjoyed by all.

Oscar likes to create new and interesting designs, and his goal is to change the way people see toy art jewelry by making fun, textural and substantial pieces that people don’t just wear but actually connect to, what he likes to call “animated jewelry”®.
Oscar also has a deep appreciation for his Mexikan-anahuak ancestry and culture, and celebrates it often through his artwork. Tlakuilo Kalli-Oscar Ayotzintli,
influenced by artist such as Charles Schulz, John Romita and Jose Guadalupe Posada, Mexican born Oscar Ayotzintli move from Mexiko City to New York City to study at the Art Students League of New York, where he earned a scholarship in fine art. In 2003 he started to train and work with Rusty Pistachio of the hardcore-punk band h2o and founder of pnut jewelry. With Rusty, Oscar has helped to make jewelry for artists such as Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Axl Rose, The Used, Green Day, Bouncing Souls, Afi and many others. Years of working with Rusty have inspired him to create his own jewelry line, the Oscars mini-monsters. He has also made custom pieces for artists at Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics, and musicians like the Deftones, Vanilla Ice, Fishbone, Soulfly, and others…


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